3 Articles Every Leader Should Read


How transparent does your business need to be?
Between Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg saying we are entering an era where nothing is private and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange releasing everything he can get his hands on, is it time to start making your business transparent?Fast Company did an interview with social media thought leader and author of Groundswell and Open Leadership, Charlene Li. Here, she talks about just how transparent you need to be to be successful in this era of openness. Read the full interview here.

Rebounding from Failure Would being indicted on 57 felony counts, having your assets frozen, filing for bankruptcy and losing $3 billion make you depressed? Not collection industry entrepreneur Bill Bartmann. In his very candid article, he talks about how he rebounded from his disaster by following his five rules.

1. Don’t pretend it never happened.

2. Avoid making excuses

3. Don’t confuse a failed goal with a failed person.

4. Remember, you are not alone.

5. Focus on the lessons learned.
Read the full article here.

How do you hire innovators?
How do you identify and hire innovative people? Entrepreneur Pete Maullik recently interviewed a candidate for an opening at his consultancy firm. The candidate had just recently sold his Brazilian liquor company (which he started in college). Instead of the regular buttoned up interview, the candidate brought with him a bartender and proceeded to host a happy hour for his prospective employees. He was hired on the spot. That story clearly identifies Maulik’s new employee not only as an innovative thinker but someone with the capacity to execute on that innovation. The article later identifies “five discovery skills that make for innovative mindsets” : associating, questioning, observing, experimenting and networking…Read the full article here.

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