Is It Better To Brand Your Business or Yourself?


BrandMakerNews asked entrepreneurs whether it’s better to brand a business or one’s self. The verdict is in! Check out a few of the responses we received, and share your thoughts on what works best for you and your small business.

When it comes to branding, should entrepreneurs brand their businesses or themselves?


“Whether to brand your business or yourself depends on the type of business. If you are a consultant or service provider I believe you must brand yourself, because your brain, your thoughts, your values are what you share with clients. However, if your business is product based, I believe it’s better to brand the company because it’s about the product(s) not the person behind them.” -Arden Clise, Business Etiquette Consultant


“I think it is equally important to promote yourself and your business especially if you are an emerging entrepreneur. Many people are weary of new businesses especially with all of these various ponzi and pyramid schemes going on. I have branded myself just as much as I branded my business because I want people to know that my business is legit and that a professional in Marketing is running this business and is competent.” -Africa Hannibal, Search Engine Marketing Professional


“I always tell every budding entrepreneur that you are your brand. But that doesn’t mean you want to self-promote yourself. Your branding of yourself is only as good as your brand. Thus you should always create a great brand and then the natural extension to promote yourself as the brand will happen organically. Promoting yourself first is not only a bit egotistic, but has no substance behind it. Richard Branson with Virgin, Steve Jobs with Apple, etc….they all had the brand first and ther personality naturaly followed to become intrinsically intertwined with the brand at that point.” -Craig Wolfe, President of CelebriDucks


“In such a competitive market, businesses and individuals must separate themselves. This can be done by branding yourself. I believe that branding yourself will eventually create a stronger brand for your business. Ultimately, people buy from people and if faced with purchasing from a business with similar products and services, the consumer will choose the company they “know” or can relate to best. Often, I think most people brand their businesses rather than themselves because its easier to hide behind your business. To brand yourself, you have to be authentic and courageous.” -Jacqueline Lisenby, President of Status J Entertainment Group


“There is a huge downside to branding a person over a business, called the “key man issue”. If something happens to the branded person (a real something or a perceived something) that will have serious implications for the business. Take celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. If he gets hit by a bus, the brand loses a lot of weight (and by weight, I mean value). If he personally falls out of favor with his core audience, he can risk his company. And possibly most importantly, because he is the brand, he jeopardizes the ability to monetize his “media empire” through an acquisition.” -Carol Roth, Business Strategist


“I feel personal branding is key. I have started and sold four technology companies and now work independently as a marketing consultant. People dont remember me as The Exize Guy, or the Frag guy. They know me as Alex. I get a ton of referrals because people know ME. Having people know and trust me means my network move with me project to project, there is no need to call and explain new features. Especially with social media people want to get to know me. We have done silly things on Twitter such as vote for which haircut I will get. The result was many more referrals because people felt like they could trust me.” -Alexander Blom, Marketing Consultant

Although there are many different ways to success, when it comes to branding you ultimately have to do what’s best for you. Analyze your overall business goals, weigh the pros and cons of branding yourself vs. branding your business, and blaze your path with consistency, creativity and hustle.

Thanks to all those who already replied to BrandMakerNews’ roundtable discussion. Go ahead and continue the conversation below… Do you think it’s better to brand your business or yourself?

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