Winning the Fight for More Business.


Savvy customers don’t allow marketing hype to tell them what to buy. They bypass advertising clutter, and research which brands to invite into their lives. Before they support your business, they want to know what you’re all about and why you deserve to get their money. When they’re online, comparing products and services, does your brand stand out as the one that best satisfies their needs?

Answer the following 5 questions to attract savvy customers to your business:

Is your brand credible? Savvy consumers want to make sure that they can trust your company to deliver on its promise to satisfy their needs. These sharp consumers want to know that you have a proven history of satisfying people like them, who have high expectations for quality and consistency. Savvy consumers are more likely to read product reviews, read news articles about you, ask for references, etc.

Does your brand deliver a strong first impression? To attract a savvy consumer you have to pay close attention to the presentation of your brand from the very beginning, because you may not get a second chance to win them over. Savvy consumers examine the aesthetics of everything from the packaging to the product itself. If you don’t invest in your brand, why should they pay for it? You have to pay close attention to everything affiliated with the customer’s experience with your brand. Everything from the appearance of your staff, the cleanliness of the store, the layout of your website, and the quality of your goods have to consistently surround the consumer with a look and feel they can trust and be proud to support.

Is your brand sending the right messages? Savvy consumers closely examine the messages you send, to determine what your company stands for, what you are offering, and how you could make their lives better. They also assess whether or not you value their patronage by how you market and connect to them. Although your marketing may get their attention, savvy customers are quick to look under the hood to make sure your brand messages are consistent, truthful, and appealing.

Is your price consistent with your brand’s value? Savvy consumers want to feel like they are getting their money’s worth. What value does your brand offer for the price you are charging? Savvy customers wants to be clear about whether they are getting a bargain for a valuable product, or if they’re paying a premium for a unique brand experience.

Is your brand socially responsible? Savvy consumers are tuned into the world around them, and are aware of the role they play in moving their communities forward. Everything matters, and in these difficult economic times, every dollar must be accounted for. Savvy consumers want to make sure that their dollars are invested in companies/brands that have proven to be good corporate citizens by actively supporting the communities and consumers they serve.

As businesses compete for their hard-earned money, savvy consumers understand that they have the upper hand. They are holding your company’s brand to a higher standards, and are challenging you to come correct, or not at all.

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