The Secret to Keeping Your Brand Fresh


As soon as you realize your brand is no longer getting the results you need, bring it back to life with a new look, new feel, and new direction. Becoming a stale, washed up brand will only get you remembered for all the wrong reasons. Before you start losing your it-factor, rebrand to stay attractive to your audience. Doing so will keep you ahead of your competition, and excited about what you have to offer.

Keep your brand fresh. Period.
Rebranding gives you the chance to reintroduce yourself as a bigger and better force to be reckoned with. It can consist of everything from a new name, logo, web design and packaging, to a new and improved ideology, market position, personality, and customer experience.

Why rebrand?

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners build their brands early in their careers, with limited budgets, and before they even understand their competitive edge. As time goes on, and their business takes off they start realizing that their name, website, business cards, office etiquette, and reputation no longer reflects who they are, what they bring to the table and what they aspire to become. It is at this point that many entrepreneurs make the decision to invest more time and resources in rebranding themselves, to help them compete on a higher level.

Large and established companies also find the need to rebrand themselves, to stay relevant and attractive to their audience. We, as consumers, get bored easily.We’re often loyal only until we see something newer and shinier on the market. So, to avoid constantly losing business to their competitors, many corporations give themselves a facelift every now and then, to show that they are keeping up with the changing needs of their audience.

Others rebrand simply to change the way people perceive them. Perhaps they received bad press, had their reputation tarnished, lost touch with their audience, or experienced some other growing pains. Rebranding allows them to reintroduce themselves with a clean slate.

If your brand has taken on a life of its own, and is no longer representing all that you have to offer, it is time to REBRAND. It’s never too late to evolve what you’ve built, to give your brand the chance to live up to its full potential. Perhaps a rebrand is (or should be) in your future.

What are you doing to keep your brand fresh?

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