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If you’re tired of being the go-to guy for everything related to your small business, it’s probably time to get some extra hands on deck. We know you started nimble, and have been trying to keep your overhead low, but this is one of those instances where it takes money to make money. Having talented employees on your team, allows you to delegate tasks, strengthen your business and seize even greater opportunities to grow your company.

In order to attract big talent to your small business, you need to use your creativity to put together a persuasive and compelling package. Even if you don’t have the largest budget to work with, you can still attract top talent. Money is not the only factor that determines whether someone will want to be a part of your growing enterprise. There are several motivators you can use during your recruitment process to help you attract the best talent around.

Here are five ways to attract the best employees for your small business:

1. OFFER A GENEROUS SALARY- If you have the dollars to spend, money is a quick and easy way to attract and retain the top employees you want. Get familiar with the salary requirements for the positions you want to fill, and be prepared to spend the money to get highly qualified employees on your team.

2. PRESENT A FLEXIBLE WORK SCHEDULE- Many top employees look for flexible work schedules, extra vacation time, and more opportunities to work from home. Small business owners can get creative with their employees’ work schedules to attract top talent looking for a better work/life balance. It may even make sense to hire someone on a part-time basis if you can only afford half of that person’s salary. The allure of more time off, and additional time with one’s family may be enough to persuade them to accept a lower paying position within your company.

3. SELL PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYEES ON YOUR VISION-  If you have a compelling company mission, a track record of growth and a plan for continued expansion, you may be able to attract an entrepreneurial minded employee who is ready to step in and help you grow your business. Sell talented prospective employees on how important their role would be. Offer them a fancy title, and leave the door open for stock options and shared equity down the road. Convince top talent that you respect their potential contribution and see them as partners in your company’s growth.

4. CREATE A LUCRATIVE BONUS STRUCTURE- In addition to offering a standard base salary, entice top talent with a compelling bonus structure. Assure them that there is no cap on the amount of earning they can take home, and that they they will be regularly rewarded for their individual performance. Under this business model, your new employee will stay motivated to help grow the company and their bonus payouts.  And- instead of dishing out a huge salary early on, you can pay your new employees the big money they deserve after they start bringing additional revenue to your company. So, everybody wins.

5. GIVE THEM ROOM TO LEAD- If you are looking for a seasoned professional to join your team, make it clear that you value their expertise and are looking for them to take a leadership role in your company. Clearly define specific areas that they would be responsible for, give them broad goals, and let them know that they would have the freedom to create their own plan to reach those goals. Top employees are not looking to be micromanaged, so make your offer attractive by showing them that their unique strategy and approach would be welcomed and respected.

When trying to attract top talent to your company, it’s important for small business owners to find the vice of the person they’re interviewing. Remember- everyone has that one thing that will get them interested in working for your company. It may be control, leadership, visibility, respect, equity, flexibility, etc… Ask questions during the interview process to find out what your prospective employees are looking for, and take notes so that you can strategically include those things in the packages you offer. It is possible to attract big talent to your small business. Use the tips above to get highly-qualified prospects excited to join your team.

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