The Success Checklist For Entrepreneurs


Success tastes good… So good that people go through life wanting a bigger portion every day. As entrepreneurs we’re a bit greedy, because we want to feast on the never-ending plate of deliciousness that true success has to offer. A sample platter just won’t do. We think about success every day. It drives us to put every ounce of hard work and passion into growing our businesses. We all have “success” on the brain, but what does that word really mean, and how do you know when you’ve actually achieved it?

Now obviously success means different things to different people, but that doesn’t excuse you from answering that question for yourself. What does success mean to you? Understanding your end goal is essential to your journey as an entrepreneur. Once you’re clear about your definition of success, that clarity will help you make smarter decisions, and allow you to plot the most direct route to your destination.

BrandMakerNews presents the Success Checklist below to help you clarify your definition of success, and to give you a benchmark to know when you’ve actually “made it.”

The Success Checklist For Entrepreneurs: You Know You’re Successful When…

  1. You’re Financially Free- Forget about living check to check. When you no longer have to worry about how you’re going to pay next year’s bills, you can be proud of your success.

  2. Your Skills and Natural Abilities Find Their Purpose- When you know you are doing what you were born to do, and are able to make a great living off of your unique talents, you are quite the success.

  3. Your Intellectual Curiosity is Stimulated Daily- When you love what you do so much that it becomes an everyday joy to explore all there is to know about your field, your craft, and your audience…you enjoy success.

  4. You Master Work/Life Balance- When you can finally build your work schedule around your home schedule, and you don’t have to miss out on important family functions because you’re busy chasing money- you’ve attained a great level of success.

  5. You Are Proud of Your Reflection- When you look in the mirror and you’re pleased to see who you’ve become, what you’ve accomplished, and the legacy you’re leaving behind, you can consider yourself a success.

  6. You Make Those Around You Proud- When people are excited to introduce you to others because they have so many great things to say about you, chances are you’ve attained a level of success that you can be pleased with.

  7. Your Physical Image Matches Your Idea Of Yourself- When your vision of being fit, healthy, stylish, and well-put together becomes your reality that’s a huge indication of success.

  8. Your Body Of Work Speaks For Itself- When you have documented accomplishments on paper (and not just in your own head) you can be pleased with yourself. If someone can Google your name and get a clear sense of the great work you’ve done through the years-go ahead and hold your head a bit higher to bask in your success.

  9. You Pass Your Wisdom Along- When you’ve taken industry newbies under your wing to mentor them, to share your trade secrets, and to empower the next generation, you can count yourself a success.

  10. Your Mind Is At Peace-  When you’re in the rat race your mind is constantly going. Whether you’re checking emails during dinner, or interrupting family time with business calls you never seem to relax. You know you are a true success when you are comfortable shutting off outside noises to enjoy the peace and quiet your hard worked earned for you.

Throughout your journey as an entrepreneur, refer to the Success Checklist above. Use it to gauge how close or far away you are from experiencing the success you ultimately want. Add your own requirements to the list, to make sure you’ve covered the aspects of success that are most important to you. As you make business decisions use this checklist as your guide to ensure that the choices you make will lead you directly to the success you crave.

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