How Safe Is Your Online Password?


The Georgia Institute of Technology published a report warning individuals to get more serious about safeguarding their online information. The research states that weaker, eight-letter passwords should be replaced with stronger 12-character passwords to make it more difficult for hackers to access your online accounts.

There are people in this world who spend all day trying to hack into your computer, your online accounts and your private information. Entrepreneurs, should heed these new warnings to keep their computer activity as secure as possible.

The study revealed that a sophisticated hacker might be able to try up to 1 trillion password combinations per second, which would end up taking 17,134 years to break through a 12-character password. Using that same metric, an eight character password can be figured out in less than two hours.

In addition to adding more characters, use the following tips to keep your online passwords hacker proof:

-Use non-letter characters like “@y;v%5/” when possible

-Don’t use real words or logical combination of letters

-Change your passwords every six months

-Create unique passwords for your different online accounts

-Keep your passwords in a safe place OFFLINE

-Resist the urge to use a variation of your name

-Never use important passwords (to your bank accounts, credit cards) on unfamiliar websites…create new ones!

For more details on how to protect your online information, check out CNN’s special report.

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