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The Personal Brand Book List: 8 Brand-Building Books To Help Plot Your Takeover

Tue, Nov 24, 2009

In between hanging with family, eating leftover grub, and getting that much needed rest, strengthen your brand muscles, and get ready to go hard in the New Year. We created the BrandMakerNews Book List to get you mentally prepared to grind harder, push farther and accomplish more with your personal brand. 
Dive into these branding books, and plot your takeover…

The Brand You 50
This is a classic by Personal Branding pioneer, Tom Peters.
It’s a no-nonsense book filled with 50 tactics to help you transform from an “employee” into a brand. You’ll either love your job,
or quit by the time you finish this book.

The Success Principles
This powerful book will help you realize your purpose,
eliminate excuses, and explore the principles behind the most successful people throughout history. You’ll want to reread this one over and over, so keep it close.

Getting Things Done
This is all about simplifying your life, so you can be more productive. It details specific actions you can take to organize and de-stress your life. This book will come in handy at least once a year, to clear your mind and get your creative thoughts flowing freely.

The Brand Called You
This is an excellent reminder to all entrepreneurs that YOU are
your business. It’s jam-packed with practical branding tips to market your business and help your customers choose you, repeatedly.

This will change the way you think about success, and motivate
you to put in the 10,000 hours needed to get to the top of your game. It gives you case studies and theories on how “successful”
people got the advantages that helped them achieve their goals.

What is Branding
This colorful book shows you how branding can transform individuals, companies and the world. It emphasizes the power
of brand design and marketing, and spotlights case studies
from the biggest brands of our time.

You, Inc.
This book is filled with life lessons on how to promote yourself
in real-world situations. Its conversational tone makes it easy to learn how to get people to buy what you’re selling.You can easily
flip through a lesson per day.

The Ultimate Brand Toolkit
This brand-building workbook walks you through a series
of exercises to assess your personal brand, package it for the success you want, and promote it effectively. You can use this book
as a roadmap to get where you want to be.

Grab one…three…or all of the books above. Absorb their wisdom,
understand their principles, and apply their tactics to get your personal brand fired up
for next year and beyond.

Written by Tia Jackson exclusively for BrandMakerNews